Regular Sunday Collections 

We recognize the trust that our parishioners have placed in us by your generous contribution Sunday after Sunday to the collection basket. We will be faithful stewards of your gift, using your Sunday contribution to pay for the operational expenses of our four parishes and plan for the future. In order to do this, the amount we suggest each family to contribute is as follows:  $20-30/weekend or $80-120/month. We invite you to come prepared each Sunday with your donation, and to give proportionally, depending on what God has blessed you with. If you have been giving more than these suggested amounts, keep it up!

Together We Serve Campaign (TWSC)

Together We Serve is the name of the archdiocesan charitable. This appeal has replaced the nine special collections that were previously been taken up in all of our parishes at various times throughout the year. They address a variety of needs here at home, in Canada, and abroad, all with the common purpose to serve the missionary outreach of the Church. In 2017, TWSC will support:

  • Catholic Social Services
  • Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace
  • Evangelization of Nations
  • Needs of the Canadian Church
  • Needs of the Church in the Holy Land
  • The Pope's Pastoral Works
  • St. Joseph Seminary and Newman Theological College
  • St. Joseph's College, University of Alberta
  • St. Joseph's Priests' Foundation of Edmonton

The minimum suggested amount per registered family in our area for the TWSC is $10/month or $120/year.

 If you have been giving more than this minimum suggested amount, keep it up! Please make sure you specify your donation is for the TWSC by using one of the envelopes we have provided in your envelop box, or by putting your donation in an envelope that says “TWSC”, or by opting to use pre-authorized payment/automatic withdrawal. This last option will be made available to all parishes very soon.

Interested in pre-authorized withdrawals?  

If you wish to register for pre-authorized withdrawals, please print the following form and place it on the collection basket in a sealed envelope, mail it or deliver it to the parish office, or give it to Father.

Text the word “Parish” to 393939

Would you like to receive text notifications to your cell phone from Father such as weekly reminders about the Sunday Mass Schedule, etc.? Text the word “Parish” to 393939!